As many of you know Fetishcon was August 7-10th and we had a ton of crazy adventures. First off Mama Jojo and I had Judas, Emma Evins, Brooklyn Daniels, Shelby Paige and Vionah Merci staying in our hotel. We also had Grandpa, Jason Voor and Mitch Hardrock in and out all weekend. The hotel staff was awesome and all ended up with free DVD’s from our Desperate Pleasures line at Pureplay Media. Dr Clockwork (best known for his electric play) was gracious enough to host some giveaways and DVD signings in his booth for us too.

Anyway the first night was full of xxx taboo and blowjob action then the real insanity began. Grandpa did an anal scene with Judas then we got ready for the radio show on While we were on the air we had some great guests including Tommy from Tickle Abuse and even the owner of clips4sale himself came by for an interview. We had girls licking feet, people earning przes and someone even climbed under my kilt.

After the show we went to the annual meet and greet where we saw lots of our kinky friends including Alexis Grace, Taylor Raz and so many more. We stayed at the party a bit late but we still managed to pull off some awesome demonstrations. Check out everything that happened over that weekend as we release pics over the next few weeks and maybe next year you’ll come too.

Fetishcon Photos and Kinky Adventures As many of you know Fetishcon was August 7-10th and we had a ton of crazy adventures.

Caramel Starr getting Knocked up by her stepson to beat a prenup on

// Interracial Family Affairs With Caramel Starr//

Interracial Family Affairs With Caramel Starr

Hey everyone,

Fetishcon was a blast and we got some really hot scenes coming your way. This Friday Caramel Star makes her debut as Jasons golddigging ebony stepmom. Needless to say this busty beauty uses all her skills to get the DNA needed to void a prenup. I’ll have the full story for you a bit later along with screenshots of her with clothes on lol.

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// Fetishcon Ho!!!//

Swamp-girls SONY DSC taboo-d-ad-jw






It’s that time of year finally and we are headed to Tampa today to get started with a bunch of debauchery at Fetishcon 2014.

We have a few customs to film with Liz Rivers, Rose Red and Vionah Merci as well as some hot Taboo Diaries scenes. Judas, Vionah Merci and Shelby Paige will be staying with us in our suite so be sure you follow @JerkyGirlsOfUSA on Twitter so you can…

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// Busty Amateur Ivy Lace Bares All//

Busty Amateur Ivy Lace Bares All


Shy midwest amateur Ivy Lace hails from the show me state and as you can see this busty beauty had lots to show. Ivy was very nervous when she arrived at her very first shoot and right away Vionah started helping her relax. After she calmed down a bit we moved into the very first scene. As soon as Ivys huge nipples were in my mouth she completely forgot about being nervous and really got into…

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Naturally busty amateur Ivy Nurses Daddy Back To Health 

// Fetishcon 2014 Fan Fun And Free Porn Too//

Fetishcon 2014 Fan Fun And Free Porn Too






Fetishcon is a mere 8 days away and we have tons of awesome stuff planned. As you know Catherine Foxx, Dre Hazel and Whitney Morgan will be doing their improv demo for talent and afterwards we have our yearly tickle demo. The lineup for the demo includes Mimi Rose, Vionah Merci and possible Emma Evins.

During our demo we will be giving out a copy of an unreleased DVD Licklish…

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Odins Daughter starring Judas coming tonight to WWW.TabooDiaries.Com

// @judasxxx_666 Is Cumming Hard//

@judasxxx_666 Is Cumming Hard

Odins Daughter






Now most of you know I have a thing for hott tattooed babes like Taylor Raz, Christy Mack and Joanna Angel so when Judas hit my radar from this X-Biz article: New Girl Judas Out To Conquer PornI had to shoot this delightfully twisted deviant hottie. From the time we talked about booking her with her agent Judas sought me out on twitter and we began a very intense dialogue.…

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// Nympho Sexbot And Cosplay Queen Vionah Merci//

Nympho Sexbot And Cosplay Queen Vionah Merci



 is the newest site in theJW Ties network and features Vionas own personal doll, robot and supreheroine fetishes. Heres a bit more about Vionahs persona:

Vionah’s doll fetish all started when she got into the Lolita fashion of Japan. She began collecting the dresses and doing the research on how to act, look, and even live like a doll. Her fetish became more of an…

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Daughters Do It In The Bible stars Shelby Paige

// Daddys Little Princes Shelby Paige Returns Hotter Than Ever…….. And just as wild//

Daddys Little Princes Shelby Paige Returns Hotter Than Ever…….. And just as wild










As many of you know Shelby went away to school and couldn’t afford to come home for quite awhile to visit. She finally returned the other day and she was just as insatiable as ever. Shelby as you know has a massive sexual appetite and really loves doing kinky things with her “daddy”. Tomorrow night you all get to see Shelbys return home and the first thing she…

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// Fetishcon 2014 Special Events- Are YOU The Next Christy Mack//

Fetishcon 2014 Special Events- Are YOU The Next Christy Mack



Fetishcon is on the horizon and it’s time for a bunch of fetish fun, debauchery and special classes too. Thursday night kicks off with the annual Meet N Greet in the awesome Tampa Hilton. During the party will be broadcasting live from somewhere in the hotel. Be sure to stop by and see Ms Whitney Morgan, Bobby and myself as well as a multitude of hot fetish and…

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// FORCED by Teen Kendra Cole//

FORCED by Teen Kendra Cole







19 year old Kendra Cole has very long legs and some very twisted fantasies too. When we told her she was going to kidnap and seduce her stepdad for a series she couldn’t wait to start. Kendra is a very sexual teen and while she enjoys being in control sometimes, when her pussy starts quivering she needs to be fucked hard, fast and rough. Her long legs wrap around you tightly…

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// Creampie Lovin Cutie Vionah Merci Is Cumming …… Alot//

Creampie Lovin Cutie Vionah Merci Is Cumming …… Alot





Vionah Merci joined us last month for a shoot and we were so impressed we invited her to join our team. This sexy redhead loves cosplay, enjoys roleplay and bondage scenarios, has a wardrobe from heaven plus she enjoys getting creampied too. Vionah is very ticklish and in the realm of bdsm I would consider her a switch. Seeing her tickle other girls and guys its apparent she can be…

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